Mother Dearest

I’m just now getting home from taking my mom to the hospital. I’ve been there since 8:30pm with my sister. Most of the time we sat there whispering to ourselves how aggravating it was to see 8 doctors or nurses sitting and just chatting while their one patient (my mother) patiently waited for hours for any kind of test results or pain medication. I can’t tell you how much frustration I have towards the state of Louisiana right now.

My mother isn’t in good health even on her best days. She has so many things wrong and Louisiana is so slow and/or unwilling at diagnosing anything. Recently my mom has been one of the only level-headed people I have left to associate with. She’s the only one I know that would give and give until her dying breath to make sure I’m okay. Here at one of her worst moments all I could do is sit and wait. I wish I could do more.

My mom (in the middle awing) on her 18th birthday.

For now, at least I can get her (eventually) the medical attention she needs.


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