A Unique Video Games Live

What a unique experience it was to witness a Video Games Live concert here in Lafayette, LA. On January 27th, I was able to attend this musical performance by the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra featuring the producers and composers of Video Games Live. They played a variety of old school and new school video game music. Some of my favorites of the night being Skyrim, Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger, Tetris, and Zelda. The flutist, Laura Intravia even dressed as the character Link as they presented their piece in dedication of the 25th anniversary of  The Legend of Zelda.
I loved how involved the crowd was with this show – it was as rowdy as an intense sports event and rock show combined…and we were in a performing arts center.
But I believe the best part was the standing and roaring ovation for the Guitar Hero contest finale. A visually impaired man, Jason Simoneaux wearing unique goggles (to see the screen) while rocking out won the contest finale by scoring at least 400K on Expert (when he was only required to play on Hard). It was the highlight of the night for sure. Rock on dude!

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