Not An Ordinary Birthday Shenanigan


This past September (2013) I celebrated my birthday in not the most usual way. I decided to try to achieve something that’s been lingering on my “practical” bucket list for a while now. I ended up driving to New Orleans to go urban exploring at the abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park. It was relatively easy to get into.


When you first walk in, it reminds me of all the ghost towns you see in The Walking Dead.


I was surprised to see most of the area wasn’t covered in trash and wreckage. Believe me, there was some junk laying around but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


To some people its a wasteland but to someone like me, I find it great to go exploring in. I remember coming here as a teenager before the storm hit and having a good time. Now roaming the area as an adult, it’s an almost haunting feeling.

Before I left, I noticed some piles where it looks like someone has been there clearing out the place. I’m sure there’s still a lot there to look at and explore if you haven’t been there yet. But my advice, if you’re wanting to check it out, the sooner the better.


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