Not An Ordinary Birthday Shenanigan


This past September (2013) I celebrated my birthday in not the most usual way. I decided to try to achieve something that’s been lingering on my “practical” bucket list for a while now. I ended up driving to New Orleans to go urban exploring at the abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park. It was relatively easy to get into.


When you first walk in, it reminds me of all the ghost towns you see in The Walking Dead.


I was surprised to see most of the area wasn’t covered in trash and wreckage. Believe me, there was some junk laying around but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


To some people its a wasteland but to someone like me, I find it great to go exploring in. I remember coming here as a teenager before the storm hit and having a good time. Now roaming the area as an adult, it’s an almost haunting feeling.

Before I left, I noticed some piles where it looks like someone has been there clearing out the place. I’m sure there’s still a lot there to look at and explore if you haven’t been there yet. But my advice, if you’re wanting to check it out, the sooner the better.


Prying Open My Third Eye Tattoo

Just a few months ago, I got my first tattoo. Before hand all I knew is that I wanted a third eye tattoo and it was going to be on the top of my foot, I just didn’t know how it was going to turn out and if the final design was going to be something I wanted for the rest of my life.


I found this design on Google and thought it was perfect except for some minor details I wanted for myself. I took the design into the shop and my tattoo guy let me know that the little details around the outer circle were too detailed/too small for where I wanted and how small I wanted the piece. So I had to compromise a little but he added in the fluer de lis and the added spike and the bottom that I wanted.


My little sister was also there with me to get her triforce tattoo on her foot (on the left). I love how it came out and how it’s all intertwined. I purposely left the eye undone because I wasn’t sure if I wanted it filled in or even how I wanted it filled in but I actually like it not colored in.

I just found the deviantArt page of the artist who designed the original piece and all his designs are amazing and would make great tattoo. He even has more variations on third eye tattoo designs. If you would like to see more from him, visit his dA page :

A Unique Video Games Live

What a unique experience it was to witness a Video Games Live concert here in Lafayette, LA. On January 27th, I was able to attend this musical performance by the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra featuring the producers and composers of Video Games Live. They played a variety of old school and new school video game music. Some of my favorites of the night being Skyrim, Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger, Tetris, and Zelda. The flutist, Laura Intravia even dressed as the character Link as they presented their piece in dedication of the 25th anniversary of  The Legend of Zelda.
I loved how involved the crowd was with this show – it was as rowdy as an intense sports event and rock show combined…and we were in a performing arts center.
But I believe the best part was the standing and roaring ovation for the Guitar Hero contest finale. A visually impaired man, Jason Simoneaux wearing unique goggles (to see the screen) while rocking out won the contest finale by scoring at least 400K on Expert (when he was only required to play on Hard). It was the highlight of the night for sure. Rock on dude!


Its been a while since I’ve posted but a lot has been going on. I can’t even remember most of it. Since the first of the year I have been keeping up with my New Years resolutions. This is the first time I’ve actually done New Years resolutions and I wanted to actually buckle down and do it, unlike most people. I don’t like to set myself up to do something that unless I’m going to be commited. One of my resolutions has been for me to go out and be productive, be more adventurous, more spontaneous. I don’t want to just sit around the house wasting time when there’s so much to do, so much to see. to say the least, I’ve been positively occupied in every sense of the phrase. I’ve been adventuring my current surrounding areas, spontaneously finding new things to do, and so much more…occasions I should of been blogging about in the first place.


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DIY: Valentine Heart Crayons

Whether it’s for your child or your lover that is a child at heart, you can make these cute heart crayons right at home and rather easy if you ask me!

What You Will Need:

– Any sized pot with an inch of water

– Old crayons (unwrapped and preferably in Valentine colors )

– Empty tin

– Heart shaped candy mold

– Knife

– Pliers (preferably needle-nosed)

– Pot Holder

– A Valentine baggie or anything Valentine themed to put your crayons into

1.  Set your pot with water onto the stove and turn it up to a medium boil. While you’re waiting for the pot to boil, use the knife to cut your unwrapped used crayons into small pieces (this will make it easier for melting).

2. Once your pot has come to a boil, put your crayon pieces into the tin. Now, while using your pliers to hold the tin, put the tin in the pot and hold it in the water (or as close as you can get to it) but keep it away from the bottom of the pan.

3. Once the crayons start melting swirl the tin around to mix it up a bit more to help them melt. Once your crayons have melted, use your pot holder to hold the tin and pour the melted crayons into the heart candy mold. Be careful not to over flow the mold.

4. Very carefully, put the mold in the freezer where it can lay flat and not spill out. Let it set for at least 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, pop your crayons out of the mold and put them into your Valentine baggies and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this small how-to and have lovely Valentine’s Day!

Meet and Eat

Browsing my Facebook feed yesterday, I saw the Bizarre Foods’ page announced that Andrew Zimmern would be in Baton Rouge today filming for his new web series Appetite For Life – Southern Hospitality and that we would get a chance to meet and eat with him. Of course I jumped to this occasion to meet this lovely fellow and help donate to a good cause.

At the event, Andrew was filming segments for his web series at the food trucks which were having a cook off and there was also a jambalaya cook off at the same time. The jambakaya cook off was also filmed for the web series and was the main event to earn money for the Capital Area United Way.

It was an exciting event and an honor to meet Andrew in person especially on the day the major of Baton Rouge announced it was Andrew Zimmern Day!

Andrew seemed to fit right in with the flow of southern hospitality.

Last Minute Shopping Deal

If you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas or deals I have a few.


If you’re shopping for a lady, I recommend hurrying over to your local CVS as they currently have 75% off on a lot of makeup products…and they’re all new. They’re not the usual returned items that were half used that they wanted to get rid of. They also have a lot of makeup items with 50% off as well but you can get plenty of makeup for someone from the 75% off products. I’ve already gone and bought them out of my favorite foundation.


If you’re looking for gifts for the kids, hurry over to Walgreen’s. They’re having a sale on a lot of toys like Hot Wheels cars for .59 cents and  candy 3/ .75 cents. I don’t know how long the sale on candy will be. It may be gone now. But also for the men, they have some As-Seen On TV items for rather cheap.


So if you’re a last minute shopper, head on over to your local pharmacy for some good deals.

Free Halloween Background Package and First Halo: Reach Downtime?

Well before getting to the Halloween freebies I would like to mention that I got to experience probably the first time that the Halo: Reach servers have been down since it start. The official Halo: Reach Facebook page stated this morning that they’re ” currently undergoing routine maintenance”.  A first on the record?

Now for some free Halloween themed backgrounds:

(Just click the picture to view the full image and then right click and select “Save Picture As” and save it.)

Positively Occupied

Just now relaxing from a trip up to Indiana. I spent most of my time with friends and family. I had a long (drunk) talk with Lee that hopefully gave me some insight and hopefully he didn’t forget what was said. It was a real stressful trip at first but as soon as I set my mind to not let in the negativity I felt a lot better. Since then I’ve been keeping myself positively occupied.


I’m going to push away what I can because for now, I’m looking out for me and no one else.

Death of the Deathly Hallows

Tomorrow, I will be seeing the last movie of the Harry Potter series. For a lot of people it’s a saddening moment in their life. So far, all I’ve heard of the last movie is that it’s sadly epic.

For me, I’m just hoping it’s not as gay as the commercials. “Let’s end this how we started it…together” is a rather distracting statement coming from a boy hugging a man and drag him down with him. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Harry Potter movies but this scene made me lift an eyebrow on the inside.