Final Review of QC Makeup Academy


I have finally completed my Master Makeup Course with QC Makeup Academy and happy for a few reasons. First of all, these courses are not required for you to become a makeup artist. Though, some states might require you to get an esthetician license to own a business that provides makeup services – this course is not a license of any kind.

Don’t be mislead into thinking this is your foot in the door. This is merely basic training for someone wanting to become a makeup artist. Don’t get me wrong, this course is great for someone who barely knows much about makeup but with the internet at your finger tips, you can learn these techniques with a little bit of research. After this course, you’ll still need a lot of practice, experience, and more studying.

Honestly, through all these assignments I completed, there was only one unit where I had to actually read one of my booklets (our study material) and this was towards the end of the course after I already completed the basic makeup course. Your written assignments are practically an open book test making it easy to get an A.

For your makeup application assignments, most of them tell you that you can use yourself as the model which doesn’t get you the experience of applying makeup to someone else – which is the goal right? If the assignment says to use someone else as a model, you can always grab your sister like I did and use her when needed.

Near the end of my course, the company decided for redo/reformat their curriculum. In the meantime of me having to decipher how to complete and turn in my assignments as half of my materials were outdated, I was contacting their customer service for most of my last few units. Their customer service was always outstanding and very polite  but their downfall isn’t them as a company as I know they can be a learning tool for a beginner. But there’s not much they can offer someone who knows how to find this information easily.

Overall, I’m still debating on whether this was a waste of money or not. It was a lot of money to put in to something I didn’t really learn much from but it wasn’t a waste of time as any time spent practicing is worth it.

Anyone thinking about starting this or any makeup course, please try to see what you can learn on your own first whether it’s from practicing on yourself, your friends, watching Youtube videos, researching, etc. If you are still at a beginner level after that then I advise you to take some kind of makeup artist course.

If anyone would like details about what you’ll see in the course, please contact me and I will give you all the information I can to help you make the decision before pay into any course.



For Beginners: 8/10

For Intermediate: 3/10

For Advance/Professionals: 0/10




Cash for Scam

Cash for Gold stores are scams….just to put that out there.

I went to cash in some silver coins that are worth $20 a piece in melt value and they offered me $28 for all 10 of my coins.

And as I laid them on the counter the lady said right in front of me “these coins stink”.
Like really? You want my business and you’re going to insult me/my stuff? No ma’am.
I walked out to say the least. 

Trust in Family? Friends?

I’m in New Orleans right now sitting in a hotel waiting to drive my friend to an abortion clinic. Thing is, she doesn’t know that I know it’s an abortion clinic. Her and my sister are telling me it’s just some ridiculously expensive doctor’s appointment.

I myself wouldn’t get an abortion but it is her choice. I just would of liked to know. And my sister is here with us and she knows too but neither one suspects that I know what’s going on.

I don’t know what would of happened if everyone who chipped in for the trip knew that it was an abortion. I don’t know what exactly to do about it but I figure I could start by at least telling my sister that I know…I know what’s going on.



Thursday I had to call the local police due to a fight happening outside my house, in the street. It looked like the couple were in the middle of breaking up and it turned violent and even had a blunt metal object involved.


I called 911 and got the operator and the lady who answered wasn’t helpful at all. She kept asking what the man in the fight was wearing. I didn’t think the color of his shirt was that important when he’s beating a woman in the head with a pole. The cops never showed up and the couple eventually got in the car and drove away.


Now let’s all call our local police station and thank them for the wonderful job they do to protect us. Thumbs up to you.