Meet and Eat

Browsing my Facebook feed yesterday, I saw the Bizarre Foods’ page announced that Andrew Zimmern would be in Baton Rouge today filming for his new web series Appetite For Life – Southern Hospitality and that we would get a chance to meet and eat with him. Of course I jumped to this occasion to meet this lovely fellow and help donate to a good cause.

At the event, Andrew was filming segments for his web series at the food trucks which were having a cook off and there was also a jambalaya cook off at the same time. The jambakaya cook off was also filmed for the web series and was the main event to earn money for the Capital Area United Way.

It was an exciting event and an honor to meet Andrew in person especially on the day the major of Baton Rouge announced it was Andrew Zimmern Day!

Andrew seemed to fit right in with the flow of southern hospitality.


Crazy Holidays Are Over…For Now

All the craziness of the holidays is over for the time being but for those who live in Louisiana it’s merely a small break before the biggest party of the year comes around…Mardi Gras. Stores already have their decorations up and king cakes already being made.

I get excited for Mardi Gras and not for the modern day New Orleans festivities of the holiday, but more for the unique atmosphere, the culture, and of course the food. There’s a lot more to Mardi Gras than flashing people to get beads and what a lot of people don’t know is that that’s not what the holiday is about nor do most Louisianians participate in the mischievous beading. Most of us just like to hang out, have crawfish boils, go to the festivals, catch some beads from the floats, have art walks/shows, and have a few drinks.



Louisiana has the most culture and chilled out atmosphere…I hope to experience more of it this season.

Last Minute Shopping Deal

If you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas or deals I have a few.


If you’re shopping for a lady, I recommend hurrying over to your local CVS as they currently have 75% off on a lot of makeup products…and they’re all new. They’re not the usual returned items that were half used that they wanted to get rid of. They also have a lot of makeup items with 50% off as well but you can get plenty of makeup for someone from the 75% off products. I’ve already gone and bought them out of my favorite foundation.


If you’re looking for gifts for the kids, hurry over to Walgreen’s. They’re having a sale on a lot of toys like Hot Wheels cars for .59 cents and  candy 3/ .75 cents. I don’t know how long the sale on candy will be. It may be gone now. But also for the men, they have some As-Seen On TV items for rather cheap.


So if you’re a last minute shopper, head on over to your local pharmacy for some good deals.

Simple Stress Relief

Lately, I haven’t been able to post due to stress and anxiety. So what better topic to post about than stress relief. I collected a few tidbits to share about how to relieve some stress.

– Start of with some yoga. Try poses that represent pushing away negativity and bringing in positivity. Yoga is a form of exercise. Exercise releases endorphins making you feel better about yourself.

– Afterwards, take a soothing bath – add bubbles, scented oils, scented salts, etc to the bath. A soothing bath will not only cleanse you but it will also be symbolic of washing away the stress.

– Get yourself some comforting yet healthy food. I recommend some egg drop soup from P.F. Chang’s. Having something warm yet light will help relieve you of stress and make you feel healthy and clean on the inside.

– Make yourself a small cup of hot tea. I recommend a hot chai tea. Sipping on some hot tea will relax you and also be symbolic of warming your heart and soul.

– Light some incense or a candle. Getting all your senses involved with this stress relief will insure a well rounded routine of relaxation. Pick a scent you like and let it fill your home and …your mind.

– While drinking your tea, snuggle up in a blanket or snuggie with a nice and calming book. I recommend 1,001 Ways to Relax by Mike George. While calming your mind you can read more ways to relax.

These are just some simple tips I hope you find helpful in getting rid of the stresses of everyday life or to calm your mind of something that’s just been on your mind recently. In any situation, I wish you the best of luck.

99% Off? Say What?!? Cyber Monday Deals

It’s been a while since an update. The recent holidays have been a bit hectic.

If you’re like me you do not look forward to Black Friday. Well, Black Friday is over and it’s time for Cyber Monday (the internet’s version of Black Friday) and I have some great deals for you all.

My friend showed me a link last night that we all thought was a mistake and I’m still sure it is but we’re going to take advantage of it. It’s 99% off an originally priced $600 Oster Deluxe Power Bather. My friend that showed this to me bought one for the dog salon she owns. I bought 3 to sell later on eBay. I’m hopeful that the order will clear through but we’ll see how this goes.

Also, on I found a what I thought was another good deal but I don’t think it’s a legit deal. I really they just put the original price as $99 to let people think they’re getting a good deal but I got a few just in case. It’s 80% off a Gunmetal Ruby Red  Crystal Necklace. Originally priced at $99 but you can get it for $19 plus shipping. Whether or not it’s a deal I really like the necklace.

I almost forgot to mention free panties! Yes, a free pair of Victoria’s Secret panties with THIS coupon. But it’s only good on 11/30.

To check out anymore Cyber Monday deals you can go here.

White Coke

I walked into my local Walmart today and noticed in the front a stack of awesome looking white Coke cans. I looked closer and they had little polar bears on it…I immediately had the buy some because they were so pretty but then I finally notice the sign next to it. Coca-cola are for the first time in their 125 year history turning their red cans white for this special event. These cans are being turned white to promote the Arctic Home and their awareness and funds to better the environment for the polar bears.

Besides being one of the most gorgeous pieces of advertisement I had ever seen, I bought a few more sets than I had planned just because of the cause. I would recommend buying a set for yourself. Not only are they cute, they’re perfect for the holiday season. Enjoy.

Sweet & Simple Chili – Family Recipe

Serves: Up to 12
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 – 20 minutes

I would like to say, for the record that this recipe has not been revealed to anyone outside of my family before. This sweet chili recipe was created by my grandmother on my father’s side. My grandmother passed away before I was born so I never got to see the master in the making. I eventually learned this recipe from watching my father mostly cooking it on some cold winter nights. From the first time watching my father cook sweet chili about 6 years ago I didn’t know how to exactly prepare and put together everything. It’s taken me since then to figure out the right proportions and mixtures.

I remember eating it as a kid loving it and I still do. As a sibling of 6, I grew up eating meals that were prepared in large quantities along with the sweet chili. To this day I still make this recipe in large quantities and save leftovers for later.

Sweet & Simple Chili Family Recipe

1lb.  Ground beef

2 – 5oz. cans of Luck’s pinto beans (drained and fat chunk removed)

2 – 29oz. cans of Hunt’s tomato sauce

1 box of spaghetti noodles (noodles broke into 3rd’s)

1 cup of Heinz ketchup (substitute = 3 capfuls of white vinegar)

1 ¼ cups of sugar

1/3 cup of chili powder

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 table spoon of dried minced onion

8 cups of water

Salt & Pepper

Medium sized pan

Large size pot

  •   In a large sized pot, start to boil water to cook noodles.  Add noodles to water when pot comes to a boil.
  •  While the water boils, in the medium sized pan, turn to medium heat and add oil. Spread oil around and then add the dried minced onions.
  •  Cook onions until clear.
  •  Add the ground beef to the medium pan and brown. Turn off heat. Drain. Set aside.
  •   Lower heat for the pot to medium.
  •   Drain noodles. Bring back to stove.
  •    Add tomato sauce, pinto beans, ground beef with minced onions, sugar, ketchup ( or vinegar),  chili powder, and a few pinches of salt and pepper.
  •   Stir well.  Let it set on medium until hot. Turn off heat.
  •    Serve and enjoy!

(Add crushed saltine crackers on top or serve on side.)

First Nationwide EAS Scheduled

Tomorrow (Wednesday, November 9th, 2011), there will be a nationwide EAS (Emergency Alert System) test at 2PM EST on all local radio and TV stations. This will the first ever for the United States. Also, with the announcement they’re alerting people to have emergency supplies ready. This new alert system is being provided by the Emergency Alert System – the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Communications Commission and the National Weather Service in case the President himself needs to address the United States.

So far, they haven’t given a reason for this sudden alert but it has me on my toes.I keep wondering why all of the sudden they’re wanting to find a way to alert the entire United States. But of course, they know something we don’t…

Bare Escentuals Freebie

This will be my first makeup freebie for this blog and I’m excited. I love Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals’ products and I’m definitely not getting paid to say it. I use Bare Minerals’ foundation almost every single day and I can’t get enough of it. It’s the lightest foundation I’ve found and it’s better for your skin than any pressed foundation. I was lucky enough to stumble on a link to a free Bare Minerals coupon and I felt I should share the love.

Click HERE for the FREE coupon.

It is just a 10 day sample and a little kabuki brush but I think you’ll love it the first time you put it on. Their products are really not that expensive and you get a lot of product.  I highly recommend printing this out for yourself and maybe giving a few to friends and family. There is no expiration date but it is only until supplies last. BUT, it states on the bottom that if they’re out they’ll let you pick out something else as your free sample.

Here’s to a great start on the holiday season!


Free Halloween Background Package and First Halo: Reach Downtime?

Well before getting to the Halloween freebies I would like to mention that I got to experience probably the first time that the Halo: Reach servers have been down since it start. The official Halo: Reach Facebook page stated this morning that they’re ” currently undergoing routine maintenance”.  A first on the record?

Now for some free Halloween themed backgrounds:

(Just click the picture to view the full image and then right click and select “Save Picture As” and save it.)